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Gas Boilers are Our Specialty: R T Davies & Sons Ltd The Plumbing Store in Swansea & South West Wales

Choosing a Gas Boiler in Llanelli

Your gas boiler queries can be answered by a professional Llanelli plumber. Llanelli, don't trust your home and your gas boiler installation with just any plumber. At R T Davies & Sons Ltd The Plumbing Store, experts can provide information and advice on the most appropriate gas boiler for your home. If you require top-quality products and service, you've come to the right place. Contact R T Davies & Sons Ltd The Plumbing Store on 01554 706045 and someone will be waiting to speak with you!

Llanelli Gas Boilers

Choose a gas boiler if you're considering new central heating in your home. A new gas boiler is required if you've had your heating system for more than 25 years. To save yourself money further down the line, choose a high-efficiency gas boiler. High-efficiency gas boilers are better for the environment and can reduce your emissions output. Improve the overall energy efficiency of your Llanelli home by putting in a new gas boiler.

Advantages of Gas Boilers in Llanelli

On and off times of heating can be automatically set with the built-in controls of a gas boiler. Fault diagnostic systems are usually built into gas boilers. Heating bills are lowered due to the increased energy efficiency. Your entire home will heated to the same temperature. Simple to use, the controls can be operated by anyone.

In Llanelli, is the Best Choice a Condensing Boiler?

The best, most energy efficient gas boilers in Llanelli are condensing boilers. They recapture heat that would have otherwise been lost. This is the most preferable gas boiler for helping the environment. Compared with other gas boilers, heating bills are even further reduced. You'll end up saving more even though condensing boilers are slightly more expensive.

Combination Boilers in Llanelli

A combination boiler can reduce your energy and water consumption. There's no need for a hot water tank as they activate on demand. While less efficient than condensing boilers, they're easier to install. With instantaneous hot water provided, there is no longer a need to run the taps and wait. Combination boilers are both reliable and tough gas boilers in Llanelli.